Ego defence mechanisms – Passive-aggresive behaviours

Ego defends itself from the reality. Though, to save itself from anxiety and rejection from others it will express aggression in indirect, subtle ways. In the drama triangle model ego moves between Persecutor and Victim fields.

It would use strategies like:

  • cryptic, vague speech (e.g. ambiguities and unspecified/vaguely specified referential index) -to avoid responsibility for its words and in case of being forced to take the responsibility, it would use victimization response and put itself in a victim role.
    Example patterns: “I’ve heard an opinion, that…” (from whom? how do they know?), “There is a growing evidence for…” (Where is the data?), “Experts concluded…” (Which experts?), “We are a financial institution” (in Polish law its definition is not uniform – the Commercial law includes banks in it, the Banking law does not)
  • selective forgetfulness – to win an argument by denying actual events.
    Example pattern: “You have started this!”
  • victimization – instead of recognizing its own weaknesses, ego will blame others; it will use ambiguity of its speech to create a sense of guilt in others.
    For example: “As always…you’ve misunderstood me.” (Putting the responsibility for understanding the communication onto the receiver)

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